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Elder Council

Our Elders are 80+ years old and are the last generation who personally interacted and and lived with the Scouts. They are primary sources of information and guardians of our identity. They will serve as sounding boards and fact checkers for our work.

Research Advisors

Historical accuracy matters.

The research advisors are independent researchers, descendants and others who are willing to bring their expertise and knowledge to expand and support the enquiry about Black Seminole History and culture. 

The research advisors will provide resources for the descendant community and associated researchers,  promote new research, and to make available peer review for materials that will be posted on the website.

Junior Research Fellows Program


The Seminole Negro Indian Scouts Historical Society is currently accepting applications for its 2021 Junior Research Fellows Program.  Fellows, who will be selected from among the younger generation of Scout descendants, will transcribe primary documents and oral history interviews in order to enrich the understanding of the Scouts and their community.


In its inaugural year, the Program will select two Fellows:


Mary Griner Nofi Research Fellow in Military History

The original letters to and from the Scouts detachment form the core of understanding the origins of the Scouts community.  This Research Fellow will continue the Society’s work of cataloging, transcribing, and indexing military documents pertaining to the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts between 1870-1914. The Society will provide the Fellow with selected letters of historical importance for transcription.  Selected transcriptions may be posted on the Society website to be accessed by the public.


William “Dub” Warrior Research Fellow in Oral History

Oral history provides first-hand knowledge of people, places, and events. Handed down from generation to generation, oral history complements written history with nuances not always found in books.  This Research Fellow will transcribe audio- and videorecorded interviews of elders. The Society will provide the Fellow with copies of the recordings and a template for transcribing and summarizing their contents. Selected transcriptions and/or summaries may be posted on the Society website to be accessed by the public.

Application Requirements

Applicants must be Scout descendants between the ages of 16-21 with an interest in the history of the Scouts.  The Society welcomes applications from all descendants regardless of residency.


The project timeframe is May 1 to July 1, 2021.  The Society expects that each project will require thirty to forty hours to complete.


Fellowship Award

Each Fellow will receive a stipend of $200 at the conclusion of the project.  Other benefits include acknowledgement of the Fellow’s work on the Society’s website and an opportunity to work with researchers who focus on the Scouts and the descendant community.

Application for the 2021 Fellowships


Photo: First Sergeant Charles Daniels with his second wife Mariana and daughter Tina. Daniels served as a Scout from 1871-1909.

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