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Vision & Mission


Our vision is to ensure that descendants play an active role in shaping the narrative about the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts  and Black Seminoles and their contributions to the U.S. by curating and promoting accurate historical information, research and oral history.


We also encourage projects and other forms of expression that provide alternative ways to explore and understand the life and times of the Scouts, the Black Seminoles and their legacies. 


The mission of the Society is to preserve, analyze and disseminate the accurate history of the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts and Black Seminoles by:

  • collecting and curating research on the Scouts and their community

  • cultivating and generating new knowledge about the Scouts' unique role In U.S. History

  • developing an online information resource for descendants and the general public

  • preserving the truth, no matter how uncomfortable that may be.

Photo: Seminole Negro Indian Scouts, circa 1905

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