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Primary Documents

Throughout the year, the Society will post selected original documents and transcriptions of military correspondence to help deepen and foster a broader understanding about the origins of the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts and their interactions with the U.S. Government and Military. 
Origins of the Scouts

These first six letters document the creation of the Scouts, starting from military reports about the initial discussions with the Seminole Negroes living in Mexico to the first Muster-In-Roll of the first 11 Seminole Negro Indian Scouts at Fort Duncan, TX.
Degress to Wood_Safe Passage_March 17_18
Degress to Whom_Mar 17_1870_lightened M6
May_21_1870_confirming permission to cro
1_Bliss_July 14_1870_Letters return Kick
1_authorization_Letters return Kickapoo
Muster_Roll_Aug 16 1870_lightened_Roll_1
Riding with the Scouts: Letters and Documents About Their Service
 The 1877 Winter Campaign Documents

These documents provide insights into the Scouts harsh and dangerous work conditions. Between Nov.14 and Dec. 16, 1877, they marched 610 miles in pursuit of  a band of Mescalero Apaches.  On Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 29, 1877,  what was a physically challenging expedition erupted into armed conflict. 
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