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150th Anniversary of the First Scout Enlistment

First Muster Roll: August 16, 1870

On August 16, 1870, The first Seminole Negro Indian Scout Detachment was mustered in at Fort Duncan for a six-month enlistment and consisted of eleven men. Later units were also enlisted at Fort Clark.


Below: "Muster in Roll of Detachment of Seminole Negro Indians mustered into the United States as scouts by authority of the commanding officer of the Department of Texas dated Hed-qtrs Dept. Texas, Austin July 20th 1870 from the sixteenth of August 1870 for the term of six months unless sooner discharged."

Muster_Roll_Aug 16 1870_lightened_Roll_1
  • Sergeant John Kibbett* (60 yrs)

    • Indian Name: Sittertastonacky ​

  • Private Joe Dixie (19 yrs)

  • Private Dindie Factor (21 yrs)

  • Private Adam Fay (18 yrs)

  • Private Pompey Factor (16 yrs)

  • Private Hardie Factor (60 yrs)

  • Private Robert (Bobby) Kibbett* (20 yrs)

  • Private John Thomasson* (18 yrs)

  • Private John Ward (20 yrs)

  • Private George Washington (21 yrs)

  • Private John Wilson (45 yrs)**

  • Private John Wood (60 yrs)

*Throughout military documents, the spelling of Scouts' names varied. In this case Kibbett is generally spelled Kibbetts and Thompson is spelled Thomasson.

**John Wilson is on the list but his name is crossed out.

Text at bottom reads:

"I certify on honor that I have carefully examined the men whose names are here on this roll and have accepted them into the service of the United States for the term of six months from the 16th day of August 1870 unless sooner discharged."

Major Zenas Bliss, Major 25th U. S. Infantry

Source Information:

National Archives Microfilm Publications

Microfilm Publication Number: M-1495

Collection: "Special Files" of Headquarters, Division of the Missouri, Relating to Military Operations and Administration, 1863-1885

Roll(s): Roll-13, Part 2 (Seminole Negro Indians, Aug. 1872-June 1876)

Digital Image File(s): 0920.jpg

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