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150th Anniversary of the First Scout Enlistment: 1870-2020

March 17, 1870:  Captain Jacob DeGress, Commander, Fort Duncan, to Whom It May Concern  

Safe Passage letter to permit Seminole Negroes to cross into the U. S

Degress to Whom_Mar 17_1870_lightened M6

Headquarters , Post, Fort Duncan

Fort Duncan, Texas, March 17, 1870

To Whom It May Concern:

The Indian tribe known as the Seminoles have permission to cross the Rio Grande River and camp on the reservations of Fort Duncan until their request to move to Arkansas on the Reservation of the Seminoles can be considered by the Major General Commanding.


By order of Bvt. Lt. Col J.C.DeGress

(signed) E.A. Riggs

Post Adjutant

1st. Lt. U.S. Army

Source Information:

National Archives Microfilm Publications

Microcopy Number: M619R799

Collection: Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main Series), 1861-1870

Roll: 799-800 (Papers Relating to the Return of the Kickapoo and the Seminole (Negro) Indians from Mexico to the United States, 1870 – 1914)

Digital Images: 027.jpg

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