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The Legacy Project

Dub Warrior was a natural historian. He spent his young life listening with fascination to the stories told by his elders, and later he enjoyed sharing them with anyone who was interested. He had an uncanny ability to capture the smallest details about the biggest events, and he could turn any incident, no matter how small, into a riveting story. He used this gift to remind us that our ancestors, ordinary folk, did extraordinary things every day.

Dub ended a 1993 interview for the Austin American-Statesman by saying, “There was a time when no one wanted to be Seminole. You looked black and talked funny. But that is changing. We are hoping that the young ones will be proud to be Seminole.” This is a desire shared by Elders who passed before him: keep the history alive. 


Turning these words into action, the Historical Society is launching the Legacy Project to commemorate and celebrate Elders, deceased and living, by creating a forum for descendants to honor them.

Any descendant who wants to celebrate an elder will be given an individual page on the Society website to post photographs, biographical information, obituaries, stories, and any other material they wish to share with the community. The pages will allow other people to add relevant comments and add stories about the elder: memories, reminiscences, discoveries of shared heritage. 


We hope that by providing this opportunity, descendants can experience their heritage in ways that will preserve and expand it. Moderators will be available to help with posting, but the content will be up to the family.

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To inaugurate this project, we begin with a Legacy page celebrating and honoring Mr. William Gleaves “Dub” Warrior.  Click here to visit his page.

The Elders are a great resource and connection to the courageous and resourceful women and men who helped to shape the history of the West, managed to flourish despite tremendous hardships and created the current Black Seminole community.

This is an opportunity to capture the stories about their everyday life experiences, the type of information that is not recorded in books or articles about the Scouts.


This is a project about ordinary people.


If you are interested in devoting a web page to honoring one of your Elders, please click here and we will send you more information on how to begin.

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