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In the News: 1840s

Fort Smith Herald Articles
June 7, 1848

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1st column, 6th article


On Thursday last, near Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, John Rodgers, known in the Nation by the appellation of Little John Rodgers, was killed by Shadrach Cordery. Cordery was accused of being engaged in kidnapping Seminole negroes, noticed in our paper two or three weeks since, and Rodgers was endeavoring to arrest him; Cordery being armed with a gun, Rodgers rushed upon him and was shot in the breast and killed instantly. The murdered made his escape.


2nd column, 2nd article

 Matters appear to be settled among the Creeks and Seminoles, but it is thought by some persons, that the Creeks will wait awhile until Wild Cat forgets the matter, when they will rise up and administer the old law in full to him, which will leave him minus nose and ears; the situation in which he has placed the young Talassee Indian. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, is laws ore retaliation, and is strictly adhered to by the Creeks.


2nd column, 3rd article

 On Sunday last, a command of soldiers arrived in this place from Fort Gibson, having in their custody two prisoners, one a solider named Seymour, and the other a Mrs. Wilson – better known as Ann Pinder - who lives near Fort Gibson. They are both charged with being concerned in kidnapping and running off, a few weeks ago, three Seminole negroes, freed by Gen. Jessup in Florida. Mrs. W., we understand, claims these negroes, and says she purchased them of the Seminoles, and had them in possession some time; but they were subsequently released by the U.S, Troops at Fort Gibson, and placed under the protection of the Government at that place. However, he this as it may, she is now confined here as a prisoner, under the change of stealing and running off the negroes; and as the matter will have to undergo a judicial investigation, we refrain from making further comments.


2nd column, 4th article

 Since writing the above, we have been informed that Seymour is not a prisoner, but had turned state’s evidence, and had disclosed the names of the persons engaged in the kidnapping of these negroes, and everything connected with the affair.

Mrs. W. was brought before Justice Pearson, on yesterday, and after hearing the testimony in the case she was released.


2nd column, 5th article

 Two or three persons passed thro’ this palace on Monday last, in pursuit of Cordery, the murderer of John Rodgers; and Wm. Chisholm, who is charged with being concerned in the kidnapping of the Seminole Negroes.

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